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Detective Germany


We are one of the best detectives availible in GERMANY and EUROPE for professional investigations !

Call us now  for more informations:  +49-1 70/2 48 12 78

Detective Germany Investigation Service Detegere


The  private  and  commercial  detectives  are  available  at your disposal
throughout Germany for monitoring, investigations and research. We would be
happy to assist you in finding a solution to your request.

From  employee  monitoring  to  the  acquisition  of evidence in commercial
cases, we take on a variety of assignments and use the highest professional
technology.  Our  employees work in a goal-oriented manner and 
extremely  cost-efficient  to  achieve  the  best  possible result for you.
Privat  Investigation  Service  Detegere stands for discretion, reliability
and professionalism.

We cover all German cities!

For example:

- Berlin 

- Stuttgart

- Heilbronn

- Hannover

- Düsseldorf

- Mannheim 

- Hamburg

- München

- Frankfurt

- Köln


For further information call us now, send a Email or WhatsApp:


International phone call (WhatsApp): 00 49 (0) 1 70/2 48 12 78





Detectives Germany

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